These pages are mostly historical! They are provided on the off chance that something here might be of some use to someone, but, really, everything here is out of date and superceded by more recent documents.

Hubert Yamada

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Welcome to my home page. This contains notes on most of the software projects that I have worked on while I have been at The Institute for Astronomy.

This server contains only technical information. For personal details, see

The old Detector Lab web pages have been combined with my home page. Please send me e-mail if you discover any problems.


Picture of some ccds

Picture of a dewar

Regrettably the home page for the Detector Lab of The University of Hawai`i, Institute for Astronomy is no more. Most of the useful information from those pages has been merged here with my home page, and should be accessible from this page.


This server also contains the web pages for the AEOS Spectrograph. These pages have been moved here recently, and are not fully functional.

Home Page → Institute for Astronomy - Home Page

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